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Want a simple way to distribute photos, slides, video and other media to your key opinion leaders (KOLs) - and then see who's actually downloading it? Viva KOL is the perfect solution.

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With Viva KOL you can:

  • Store all your lecture-relevant media files in one place
  • Organize media files for fast and easy access
  • Set access privileges for different users
  • Create reports that show all download activity

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Our company is interested in knowing more about:

Dental Professional Training & Marketing

  • Company-branded CE website
  • Online CE webinars
  • Viva Academy (Online Certification Program)
  • Online Lunch & Learn Program
  • Online product videos
  • Targeted email marketing

Distributor Sales Rep Training

  • Participation in the VivaRep Network (15 dental distributor training sites)
  • Online product videos

Manufacturer Sales Rep Training

  • Company-branded, e-learning website with learning management system

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