Offer in-office Lunch and Learns

Viva Lunch and Learn is an easy-to-use web-based application that facilitates the set-up and management of in-office Lunch and Learn meetings. The application tracks all presenter and attendee activity, administers continuing education credits when applicable, and makes it simple to assign specific learning content to each meeting.

Sales reps can:

  • Create and schedule an in-office Lunch and Learn meeting
  • Assign the appropriate learning content and quiz
  • Obtain a unique access code to be given to attendees at the meeting

Attendees can:

  • Enter the code to access the online classroom
  • Review the learning content
  • Evaluate the in-office meeting and take the quiz
  • Obtain Proof of Attendance and earn CE credit

Open the door to new business with in-office Lunch and Learns!

Tell us about your e-learning objectives.

Our company is interested in knowing more about:

Dental Professional Training & Marketing

  • Company-branded CE website
  • Online CE webinars
  • Viva Academy (Online Certification Program)
  • Online Lunch & Learn Program
  • Online product videos
  • Targeted email marketing

Distributor Sales Rep Training

  • Participation in the VivaRep Network (15 dental distributor training sites)
  • Online product videos

Manufacturer Sales Rep Training

  • Company-branded, e-learning website with learning management system

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